The Southern Bank offers clients customized factoring programs to accelerate cash conversion and help them get back to doing what they do best – growing their business.

As an FDIC regulated bank, The Southern Bank and its clients benefit from:

No Middle Man

Why receive funding from an independent financing company that borrows money from a bank on your behalf? Why not just fund your business with The Southern Bank directly? Cut out the middle man and lower your financing costs.

No Hidden Fees

Don’t be fooled by teaser rates, transaction fees, and complicated contract terms. Work with The Southern Bank and know exactly what you’re paying.

No Float

Don’t wait three days to get paid. When your receivables are collected, get access to that cash immediately. Factoring with The Southern Bank saves you time and money.

Best in Class Customer Service

Your relationship with your customers is what we value most. Operate in your marketplace with the confidence that you’re with a bank and that we put your customers first.