Types of Factoring

Factoring, accounts receivable financing, invoice financing, accounts receivable discounting, invoice discounting, recourse factoring, non-recourse factoring… What are the differences between these funding methods and which is right for my business?

While each form of financing has a different name, all forms operate under the same basic principle which is the sale of your Accounts Receivable to a factoring company like The Southern Bank.

By selling Accounts Receivable and receiving cash today, your business is able to meet payroll, manage seasonality, invest in new inventory, take on new clients, and generally operate with greater confidence in your cash position.

At The Southern Bank, our customers don’t care what we call it, they just benefit from the confidence and comfort of working with an FDIC regulated bank that provides best-in-class service at a great price.

Start Funding your Business Today with The Southern Bank’s Factoring Solution.

Types of Factoring: