Invoice Financing

Looking for additional cash flow or a line of credit but having difficultly securing the loan? The Southern Bank provides an alternative solution to companies that lack the hard assets, financial ratios, or operating history that most traditional banking products require.

The Southern Bank provides Invoice Financing, sometimes referred to as Accounts Receivable Financing or Factoring, as a means of infusing cash into our clients’ businesses.

By selling your invoices or Accounts Receivable to The Southern Bank, you receive cash for those invoices today. When the invoice is due, The Southern Bank then collects payment from your customer thereby shortening your expected fifteen, to thirty, to forty-five plus day turn to one day.

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Delayed payment from customers, significant seasonality, and even high growth can put strain on an otherwise healthy business. As a bank committed to funding small and mid-sized businesses, The Southern Bank’s Invoice Financing solution offers greater flexibility and access to immediate funding.

Start Funding your Business Today with The Southern Bank.