Selecting a financial partner is a huge decision and with many banks unwilling to lend, staffing firms are forced to seek out alternative options. There are hundreds of specialty lenders, payroll companies, and private investors willing to lend money via a plethora of loan structures and agreements.

Don’t go it alone.

As an FDIC regulated bank committed to working with staffing firms like yours, The Southern Bank offers traditional and non-traditional financial products and services that will fit your company’s needs regardless of its size or growth trajectory.

Benefit from the flexibility of an independent financing company while experiencing the confidence and service of working with a bank. Learn more about funding your payroll and growing your business with The Southern Bank’s:

Payroll Funding

Providing the greatest flexibility and the highest cash availability, The Southern Bank’s payroll funding, solution is an easy way to infuse your business with cash and grow with confidence. Learn more about how factoring works and why The Southern Bank offers the most competitive factoring solution for your staffing firm.

Asset Based Loans

With many staffing customers continuing to stretch their suppliers with longer payment terms, your firm must be prepared to survive the industry’s natural cash crunches. Leverage your company’s assets with an Asset Based Loan and don’t let your customers put you out of business.

Traditional Lines of Credit

Do you currently have a line of credit or curious if you qualify? Contact us today to learn more about The Southern Bank’s traditional and non-traditional financing products and find out which one meets your needs.